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causes for nature-based coaching

Executive coaching in nature can be beneficial in different situations and occasions. Here are some examples:

stress relief and burnout prevention

Nature offers a relaxing and soothing environment that can have an extremely positive effect on high stress levels. Managers are often under high pressure and are at increased risk of burnout. Coaching in nature can help to gain distance, to calm down and to positively change the personal perception of stress.

decision making and strategic direction

Nature can provide an excellent space to think about strategic issues and decisions. By immersing themselves in nature, executives can organize their thoughts away from the office atmosphere, develop new ideas and rediscover an eye for what is important.

founding and startup coaching

The start-up phase in particular is not an easy time for most newcomers. Lots of new and important things are pouring down on you. There are many important decisions that have to be made that will point the way for the next few years. Your own courage can stand in your way or you can lose track of things. Coaching in nature with a (business) experienced coach at your side can be quite helpful for the step into the professional future.

personal development and reflection

Nature offers an inspiring framework for self-reflection and personal growth. The perfect opportunity to reflect on your leadership strengths and weaknesses, find new perspectives and reassess your own goals and values. The vastness and stillness of nature helps to generate an original and authentic clarity, which usually facilitates individual development steps.

increase team spirit and collaboration

Coaching in nature can be used to increase team spirit and collaboration in a leadership group. Through joint activities such as hikes or knowledge exercises, leaders can learn to work together more effectively and build trust.

increase creativity

Nature can have a stimulating effect on creativity and the ability to innovate. Special cognitive exercises help to generate new ideas and creative solutions.

These occasions demonstrate that leadership coaching in nature can provide a wide range of benefits, from team empowerment to personal development and reflection. Nature provides a unique environment that can help to gain new perspectives, reduce stress and improve leadership skills.

How does it work?

The exact course of a nature-based coaching can be adapted to the special needs and objectives at any time. Basically, nature-based coaching follows the following structure:

Take a deep breath: for more serenity, authenticity and sovereignty at work

Breaking new ground: cognitive exercises help to make problematic issues understandable in the truest sense of the word.
  • Preliminary meeting:

    Clarification of the possible goals, topics and expectations of the coaching. Here it can also be clarified whether nature coaching is basically the right method for you or whether training or advice is also an option.

  • Initial meeting:

    Detailed discussion of the current situation and, based on this, derivation of the appropriate course of action.

  • Actual coaching sessions in nature:

    Targeted awareness and resting exercises, detecting and removing any mental blockages as well as applying and learning sensible methods for later everyday situations.

  • Implementation in everyday life:

    Then it's time for implementation. You implement the individual steps discussed together on your own and with the support of the techniques you have learned.

  • Success check:

    We also repeatedly check the progress that has been made during the coaching sessions. This not only supports the positive experience of one's own development, but also helps to overcome any phases of doubt or frustration that may arise.

Staying in nature offers ...

Duration, costs and variants


How long and in which rhythms?

The individual coaching appointments usually take between 1 1/2 and 2 hours. How many appointments are “necessary” varies from case to case.

Experience has shown that weekly or 14-day rhythms are recommended at the beginning. After approx. 3-5 appointments, it is usually sufficient to only resort to appropriate coaching "sessions" if necessary. I am also happy to offer corresponding package prices.

What variants are available?

Coaching can be booked on site, as nature-supported online coaching or in the form of a multi-day nature coaching week in Norway.

Also possible for groups: successful team building in a natural environment

What does such a coaching cost?

The following prices apply to nature-based coaching from February 1st, 2023:

  • individual coaching session (Online / Onsite)

    EUR 30 per 15 minutes or part thereof,
    duration of an individual session approx. 60-120 min.

  • coaching group session (online / onsite)

    get prices on request

  • travel expenses

    Up to a radius of 10 km included without charge,
    above that 0.60 EUR per km

Possible uses:



nature-based coaching online

Nature and technology perfectly combined

no way is too long

Due to physical distances or other reasons, it is sometimes not possible for us to meet in person for a coaching. Thanks to modern telecommunications technology, however, this is not an obstacle. You can also use my offers in this way. A useful combination of technology and nature makes this possible.

Perfectly combined: online coaching session, nature on your doorstep.

How does online coaching work?

For the first consultation, we 'meet' via online meeting and discuss your concerns in a relaxed matter. Then I will create individual exercises and coaching units for you, which you can simply load onto your mobile phone or MP3 player and take with you into the forest. Even if I am not traveling with you personally, you can rely on my support. In this way we combine our online appointments with the necessary deepening outside in nature.

Frequent questions and answers

Do I need special software for this?

The free Zoom software is used for the online meetings. You can easily download these for all common PC, tablet or mobile operating systems from

Is there a non-binding opportunity to get to know each other?

Yes. Basically, after the first 20 minutes of the call, you have the option of ending the session at no additional cost. So you can be sure that you don't have to buy 'a pig in a poke'.

How long does an individual sessions last?

Depending on the topic, between 1 and 1.5 hours.

Is this form of coaching suitable for everyone?

Basically yes, but I reserve the right to reject the online coaching format in individual cases. Personal support on site can be a more usefull choice, especially for anxious people.

How do I get the audio files? Is there personal online access?

As a client, you receive individual access to my online platform and can download the required individual audio files in MP3 format from your password-protected area.

Are our conversations / my data safe too?

Our conversations are in no way digitally recorded or electronically stored. Only your personal data will be processed and stored strictly in accordance with the specifications of the General Data Protection Regulation.

The individual audio files are also protected accordingly and can only be accessed with a user name and password.

Is online coaching cheaper?

In principle, the same prices apply to this form of coaching as to normal coaching. Due to the fact that there are no travel costs, for example, the total effort is of course somewhat lower here.

Is it also possible that I am in the forest during the online session?

Basically yes, but you should definitely check before the appointment whether there is a stable connection for your mobile phone or tablet.

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