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flexible, comprehensive and well-structure

Training as 
nature-based Coach

Working with people in nature is the most fulfilling task I can imagine. It's not only that I personally feel most comfortable outside, I can also support other people to get this wonderful feeling and their personal mental freedom back as well.

If you too would like to coach people in a nature-based manner, my flexible and comprehensive basic or therapist training offer a solid and secure entry into your new profession. I am looking forward, to meet you perhaps personally in one of my practising-weeks this year.

background information

What is it about and for whom is the training intended?

As a nature-based technique, it combines the psychological and physical advantages of a 'natural treatment room' with classic coaching processes and resource work. The training is aimed primarily at:

  • newcomers without prior knowledge
  • psychological counselors
  • alternative practitioners, alternative practitioners for psychotherapy
  • occupational therapists
  • curative educators
  • social pedagogues, educators
  • physiotherapists
  • animal-assisted therapists

The main fields of application are stress- and fear-related issues, decision-making, overcoming life crises, promoting creativity and preventing burnout.

It's your choice

The new training variants at a glance

The training is offered both as a basic or combined training - with the certificate "certified nature-based coach according to Dirk Stegner" - as well as a purely online version without a certificate. After passing the exam, the certificate holders are automatically listed in the new directory on my website as competent contact persons for the respective region.

New:Online training as nature-based coach
  • 8 month access to the eLearning platform
    (including script, training videos, comprehension questions, exercises, downloads, etc.)
  • including 6 live online seminars
    (fortnightly á 2 hours; bookable every 2 months)
  • with a psychology part, i.e. also possible for newcomers without pre-knowledge
  • Training costs: EUR 1.720 paid once or EUR 120/month (EUR 399 down payment)
    (12-month term with down payment
Basic training as nature-based coach (certificated)
  • 12 month access to the eLearning platform
    (including script, training videos, comprehension questions, exercises, downloads, etc.)
  • 1x7 day block of your choice
    (optionally in spring, summer or autumn, see infobox below)
  • with a psychology part, i.e. also possible for newcomers without pre-knowledge
  • Training costs: EUR 3.200 paid once or EUR 235/month (EUR 499 down payment)
    (with a 12-month term, excluding travel-, accommodation- and food costs)
Combined training in nature-assisted therapy (certificated)
  • 18 month access to the eLearning platform
    (including script, training videos, comprehension questions, exercises, downloads, etc.)
  • 1x7 day block of your choice
    (optionally in spring, summer or autumn, see infobox below)
  • additional Webmeetings
    (starting 27.05.2023 | 24.06.2023 | 04.07.2023, ... alltogether 21 dates)
  • with a psychology part, i.e. also possible for newcomers without pre-knowledge
  • Training costs: EUR 4.999 paid once or EUR 255/month (EUR 499 down payment)
    (with a 18-month term, excluding travel-, accommodation- and food costs)
included for free

20-minute information session

Trust is the beginning of everything. Therefore, in addition to the facts, it is important to me that both sides feel comfortable in personal contact.

A short (of course free) phone call or zoom meeting in advance is therefore expressly desired and also offers the opportunity to respond to individual questions about the training.


hands-on nature-based coaching

It make sense to experience nature-based coaching yourself. For this reason, I offer the option of completing one or two coaching-sessions before making a contract decision, the price of which will be offset against the fees when booking the training. This coaching unit is also possible online.

Price: EUR 120 per unit (approx. 1.5 hours)


Basic training as a psychological counselor

For everyone for whom the preventive approach of coaching is simply not enough, there is now the opportunity to use the techniques learned in counseling / therapy. The additional training as a psychologist. Counselor or, with a state examination, then to become an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, also offers the opportunity to enter nature-based therapy.

In combination with the basic training to become a nature coach (the techniques of which can all be used therapeutically), the combination training is a solid starting point for anyone who wants to work with people more in a therapeutic context.


start-up coaching

Starting out on your own is not always easy, especially in the area of psychosocial professional groups. In order to save yourself unnecessary time and money when starting your own professional future, I also offer special coaching for beginners in addition to the training.

Goals and scope can be agreed individually. Working many years in the fields of business and IT, I can offer profound coaching and consulting skills for starting your own business if required.

Further information and prices on request


Workshop: Marketing and Website

Doing everything yourself or rather choose the often costly route through an advertising agency? Sometimes not an easy decision. My innovative concept breaks new ground and offers a "supervised" approach. Do-it-yourself with professional support.


Mentoring while starting your career

No matter how good and complete the training may be, in practice there are often questions or challenges that are sometimes easier to deal with with a little support from experienced colleagues.

My mentoring program while starting your career offers appropriate support, especially during this professional development phase. More information on individual request.

Expandable at any time as required:
The new module concept from 2023

Practicing weeks 2023 / 2024

Practicing week in Norway
NC basic training

individual - on request
Theory exam (online): 2 weeks before

Telemark, Norwegen
Practicing week in Sweden
NC basic training

28 Aug - 3 Sep 2023
Theory exam (online): August 19, 2023

Småland, Sweden
Live online seminar dates
only for NC online training (group 1)

from September 13, 2023
Theory exam (online): September 9, 2023
13.09. | 09/27 | 11.10. | 25.10. | 08.11. | 22.11.

every 2nd Wednesday evening
from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m
Live online seminar dates
only for NC online training (group 1)

from November 29, 2023
Theory exam (online): November 25, 2023
29.11. | 13.12. | 01/10/24 | 01/24 | 02/21 | .

every 2nd Wednesday evening
from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m
Practicing week in Northern Germany
NC-Grundausbildung, NC-Kombiausbildung

April 27 - May 3, 2024
Theory exam (online): April 13, 2023

Nordfriesland, Germany

What is being taught?

Contents are:
  • nature-based coaching: introduction, applications and overview

  • scientific backgrounds: effect of nature, methods and therapeutic interventions

  • nature’s treatment room: rules of conduct, planning routes and locations, equipment, general tips

  • finding and working with personal power spots: background, search, benefit and effect

  • Emotion Based Coaching (EBC/T®)

  • coaching process in practice (personal coaching / coaching for groups and companies)

  • therapeutic interventions in practice: improving human’s capabilities through a nature-based coaching, methodology of cognitive exercises, NLP, relaxation techniques, etc.

  • nature-based coaching for kids

  • psychological basics and clinical pictures: stress, anxiety and burnout

  • mental hygiene: What you should consider as a therapist.

  • principles of communication (respectful communication)

  • basics & technique: relaxation / meditation / guided meditation

  • practical exercises and case studies

  • Business start-up and marketing in the medical profession

  • Coaching for groups / preparing for seminars

Developed for coaching in nature:
The new emotion-based and structured approach makes coaching more transparent and in many ways more effective.

The new script: Comprehensive and clear training documents included.

All advantages at a glance

flexible in time: adapts perfect to your needs

very suitable for newcomers to the profession

gives a wide range of knowledge, safe start

Practice-oriented lessons with practical units

small groups: pleasant learning atmosphere

Start at any time with a free time management

Learn where- and whenever you want

By decoupling theory and practice, we are now breaking new ground in the training process. The eLearning platform offers a maximum individual learning freedom combined with intensive practical training. Start the training exactly when you want, instead of waiting for the next course date. This offers optimal learning opportunities in addition to family and professional commitments. With a regular effort of 4 up to 6 hours per week, you need approx. 8 to 10 weeks before you can take the theoretical exam .

In self-study, but not alone ...

For individual support and questions on the your topics of any eLearning module, we are also available for you by telephone or via web meeting, as part of an included time contingent.

Practicing week either in Norway, Sweden or Germany

From my point of view learning without personal guidance, exercise and practice might be possible, but it is not qualitatively effective in coaching. Too much would fall by the wayside. Therefore, after you have completed the theoretical part with a short exam, you can choose freely from practical modules / practical weeks offered several times a year. Decide for yourself when and where you want to participate. The practicing weeks take place as face-to-face classes in spring and autumn at different locations (Norway, Sweden or Northern Germany).

Notes: Depending on the number of participants, the practical course lasts 6 days (with up to 3 participants) or 7 days (4 to 6 participants). The practical week is only included in the training variants NC basic and NC combined training.

Last but not least

Graduation, examination and thesis

Overview of the two or three sections of the exam:

Part 1 is the theoretical exam, which must be taken after the theoretical part has been completed. Here, the contents of the self-study via eLearning are queried online in a short multiple-choice test. The exam is always offered 1 to 2 weeks before each practical module (spring, autumn) or on the weekend before the start of the live online seminars.

The second part is the work with one's own test person. After completing the practical days / live online seminars, each participant has to carry out and record a small coaching session in his region with a test person / client of his choice. This is then submitted and discussed in detail.

(only for NC basic and NC combined training, not for online training!)
The course concludes with a thesis (about 20-25 DinA4 pages) on the subject of nature coaching , which can be created during training.

NC basic and combined training: The flexible training concept combines the advantages of online seminars and freely selectable face-to-face modules. Start at any time, even without a fixed course start!


Thanks to the new e-Learning platform, the theoretical training can be effortlessly adapted to your schedule, familiar needs or everyday work.

information- and registration documents

Dirk Stegner

Creidlitzer Str. 29
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Author & Nature-based Coach
+49 (0)9561 7095256

Nature-based coaching

for the region of Coburg, Kronach, Bamberg,
Thuringia, Husum, Rügen and southern Norway.

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