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about me

Personally: Worth knowing about me.

Dirk Stegner in front of the monument to the "Friluftsliv inventor" Henrik Ibsen in Skien.

What coaching means to me.

As a graduate in business information technology, I worked for almost 20 years in the internet, IT and consulting business. During this time, I observed how much we have distanced ourselves from who we really are. Maybe it sounds a little bit pathetic, but what I’m thinking of is quite pragmatic. Instead of listening to our inner voice (intuition), using one’s brain is the only accepted method in today's economic and social life. We like to hide our feelings, because we can’t digitize them in apps or evaluated and measure them in ratings or rankings. Humanity will sooner or later get lost, if we go on this way.

The nature-based coaching, in my understanding, offers a very valuable service here, to feel better again and to learn something really important about one’s self. Those who know themselves, will be able to find their own way through the jungle of everyday’s struggle much easier. They will have less fear, stress or pressure in dealing with any difficult situation.

From the beginning.

During a long period in the 1990s I was suffering from panic and anxiety. Since these days the forest was one of a few places where I felt much better. Out there I could recover at least a few hours or a day.

At that time I didn’t really realize the connection between this positive influence and staying outside in nature in its whole depth. From there, it took about 10 years to get the puzzles peaces more and more merged into a complete picture. That was the beginning of my own approach of nature-based coaching.

Even if only for an hour, I go out in the forest ...
A nice place to be the person I really am.

Publications &

a short biography

Dirk Stegner was born in 1972 in Coburg (Northern Bavaria). Due to his curiosity about modern technology, from 1992 onwards he studied business informatics at the Otto Friedrich University in Bamberg. Afterwards he worked for three years as divisional manager in a medium-sized mechanical engineering company before starting into self-employment as an internet and IT specialist in 2000.

Because of his own health problems at that time, he decided in 2006 to take a closer look at some alternativ healing methods. Just to learn something about how these techniques works, he completed numerous trainings, including psychological counseling.

His own „technical curiosity“ was again the driving force. Due to his own positive experiences, he wanted to get a deeper view behind the scenes of complementary medicine.

This is exactly what he’s now writing about in his books and articles. He aimes to get people back to their own independent thinking, feeling and acting. For this purpose, he often shows old familiar facts from new different angles, explains the real backgrounds and gives lot of insights into „natural ways of learning and thinking“.

Meanwhile, the Franconian system analyst and computer scientist works as a nature-based coach in his hometown. In addition to his work as author and lecturer, he offers individual and personal coachings, workshops and seminars for people, suffering from stress or anxiety.


Qualifications (i.a.)

  • Training in psychophysiognomics

  • Advanced training in crisis intervention

  • Training relaxation impulse (health care for the spine)

  • Magic Words® training (NLP)

  • Training EMDR in coaching and resource work

  • Training as a psychological advisor

  • Training as a systemic coach

  • Training in sound massage and guided meditation

  • Graduated in business information systems (Uni-Bamberg) with a focus on the development of business information systems, logistics and statistics

Proprietary concept development

  • Emotion-based coaching / therapy (EBC/T®, 2018)

  • Waterwheel model (resource approach 2016)

  • Plug-in play figure model for coaching & therapy (systemic model 2009)

My experience

  • Independent activity as a psychological consultant and nature-based coach

  • freelance work as a lecturer and author

  • self-employed in webdesign and IT

  • Technical manager / division manager for multimedia

  • Head of controlling and organization in mechanical engineering

Dirk Stegner

Flåbygdvegen 764
N-Lunde (Norway)

Author & Nature-based Coach

Nature-based coaching

nature-based support for anxiety, stress and burnout (also available online)

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