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Assistance in and with nature

Learn how to feel
good again

"99% of all people have a common goal: to feel good in life! The challenge now is to find out what that means for each individual. This is exactly where nature helps me with."

(Dirk Stegner)


What does nature-based coaching mean?

Meaning, backgrounds an objectives

Alternative ways

Nature-based coaching is a special form of coaching that focuses on the connection between humans and nature. It combines the principles of coaching with the supportive properties of natural environments, for example to support people suffering from stress or anxiety in their personal development, achievement of goals and solving of problems.

More than a simple coaching out in the forest.

Wichtiger Hinweis:

Aus rechtlichen Gründen muss ich Sie darauf aufmerksam machen, dass Natur-Coaching keine Heilbehandlung darstellt, die einen Besuch beim Arzt oder Heilpraktiker ersetzt. Ärztliche Verordnungen sollten Sie immer beibehalten.

Recognizing instead of just knowing

The advantages over other coaching techniques lie in the additional physical component. The clients also experience certain physical connections that could otherwise only be grasped in conversation. This creates a much higher depth of knowledge and learning efficiency. Literally getting started supports a natural step-by-step coaching progression, while promoting motivation and avoiding unnecessary frustration.

A change of perspective and knowledge play a very central role and thus make nature a kind of "auxiliary coach" and door opener similar to the use of animals in animal-assisted techniques.

diverse application possibilities

Nature-based coaching can be used in various areas, such as promoting personal development, coping with stress, solving conflicts, making decisions or promoting creativity.

Currently offered variants

I am currently offering three different types of individual coaching. You can find out more by clicking on the respective link:

Possible uses:

Stress reduction / prevention


Strengthening of own resources

Release fears and worries

more self-confidence

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Nature-based coaching

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