Digitally separated

Human side effects of digitizing an analog world.

The human aspects of digitization actually seem just as bizarre as the problems of shipwrecked people in a lifeboat on the wide ocean: They're threatened to die of thirst despite millions of liters water around them.

The situation is very similar to the latest smart technology generation. It feels as if they can experience everything in real life just with a little mouse-click. To be right into it, networking worldwide and around the clock though still being digitally separated from the rest of the world.

BoD, 1st edition

March 6, 2020

Emotions, human closeness or humanity can’t be digitized. Dirk Stegner, author and business IT specialist, is analyzing some interesting side effects of digital living culture in a very special dialogue.

(This book is only available in german language.)
  • Category

    Non-fiction book / guide

  • Paperback

    136 pages

  • Format

    H 19.00 cm / B 12.00 cm / 158.00 g

  • Publisher

    BoD; 1st Edition (March 6, 2020)

  • Language


  • Available as

    Print ISBN: 978-3752898866 (11,99 EUR)
    E-Book ISBN: 978-3750491168 (7,99 EUR)

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